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Copy Datasource XML files within Weblogic domains

Tested and Verified for Weblogic 9.2

Copy XML files

Identify the Datasource XML files that needs to be copied. You will find the XML files under BEA_HOME\user_projects\domains\YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME\config\jdbc folder.

Copy these files into another domain or different machine under the same folder path mentioned above.

Make entry in config.xml file

For the number of XML files that are copied an entry needs to be made to config.xml file located under BEA_HOME\user_projects\domains\YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME\config folder

Locate admin-server-name node in config.xml file and add below entries for each Datasource. 

    <name>myDataSource1 </name>

NOTE: Repeat the above steps for every Datasource you are copying. In case your Datasource needs to be deployed to multiple target servers, you can mention the server names using "," as delimiter. e.g. AdminServer,testServer,myServer,myCluster

Is that it?

No, you have one more step to perform. Database password that is set in the XML file is encrypted and needs to be changed when copying the Datasource to a different system. Perform below steps.

1. Open command prompt

2. cd BEA_HOME\user_projects\domains\YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME\bin

3. Execute the setDomainEnv script (For Eg. setDomainEnv.cmd)

4. C:\BEA_HOME\user_projects\domains\YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME>java weblogic.security.Encrypt DB_PASSWORD_THAT_NEEDS_TO_BE_ENCRYPTED

5. Copy the encrypted password and paste it within node <password-encrypted></password-encrypted>

6. That's it

Hope this helps

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