Copy Datasource XML files within Weblogic domains

Tested and Verified for Weblogic 9.2

Often people have a need to create multiple Datasources for a given domain in Weblogic server. And people will need the same Datasources created for a different domain or they have a need to copy Datasources from one machine to another machine. The process explained below will help avoid duplication of work at multiple places.


Grouping and Sorting data using XSLT

Below example explains on how to use grouping and sorting functionality in an XSL file.

Preview of the output

The first group is on "location" and then we are trying to group the sublist of records based on "department". Sorting is based on "department" within the sublist of records for a given "location".

XSL code

 Full source code can be downloaded by clicking here.

Hope this helped you.

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